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Wireless Telecommunication Construction Services

NWUS provides a full range of wireless communication, new construction and system maintenance services.  providing well trained / certified wireless technician crews (in addition to power-line crews) that have the capabilities to meet all project needs, with the assurance of the highest quality installation, in the least amount of time and expense.

NWUS construction / technical service’s primary focus is on collocating (attaching) wireless telecommunication equipment on electric power distribution infrastructures (existing power poles and/or installation of new replacement poles) and providing maintenance (antenna / LNA / MW change-outs, alignments, lines, etc.).

Additionally, NWUS provides full range of constructions services for new wireless communication including; small cell, collocations, tenant improvements, new towers, in addition to maintenance. NWUS has a large fleet of specialized equipment to meet all installation and maintenance requirement, 24/7.

NWUS turnkey services help reduce client cost and personnel resources traditionally required for Coordinating multiple subcontractors, procure right-of-way permits, traffic safety plans, flaggers, scheduling power outages, etc. when locating communication facilities within the high power electrical environment. NWUS professional management team handles all details to assure that each project meets all regulatory, safety, and client requirements.

Telecom Scope of Work

button General Construction button Small Cell Construction
button Collocation button Excavation
button Raw Land/Tower Erection button Electrical & Telco
button Antenna/Coax Installation button Fencing
button Sweep Testing button Site Grounding
button Tenant Improvements button Tower/Building Foundations
button Structural Modifications button Utility Coordination
button Site Maintenance button Permitting
button Site Audits button Microwave path alignment
button 3rd  Party Inspections button Generated Power