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Power Line Construction

Utility Pole InspectionNW Utility Services, LLC (NWUS) is a full service construction contractor specializing in high voltage overhead and underground transmission, distribution and secondary electrical power. The services range from emergency maintenance, restoring power for public and private utilities 24/7; installation and repairs to lines and /or wood poles, laminated poles and various types of steel towers; under ground power (primary and secondary)  which may include hot-work, environmentally sensitive
crossings, or other challenging site conditions. NWUS is committed to quality service and
Utility Pole Inspectionsafety. for over a decade NWUS has established a reputation of competitiveness, quality workmanship, and on-time performance. NWUS is known for our ability to bring even the most complex projects to safe, successful completion, on time, and within budget.

NWUS is dedicated to safety and has an outstanding safety record. All employees receive specific and ongoing safety training. Weekly safety meetings are mandatory, with a common goal to continually find new ways to prevent accidents in the work place, best practices. NWUS’s Safety Program is backed by a committed management team.

Experience Modification Rates (EMR) for the last three years: